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Amazing Dive Experience!

Just finished a lovely diving trip to Bali with Success Dive Centre. Seven days/20 dives with a completely personalized program. Cannot say enough great things about these guys; Lee and our guide Bono were so wonderful. If you’re looking for incredible service, picture perfect dives and one-on-one 5-star service this is the place for you. They even managed to get us a Mola Mola sighting at the tail end of the season, which was much appreciated. I’m already planning my next trip with these guys.



Wonderful experience

It’s my first time diving experience and I found it so wonderful. Instructor Lee and Domi are so friendly and professional. Everything was well organised and we had a great time. Thanks again for the excellent service provided. If you want to see the world underwater, SDC is highly recommended.



Diving – A great day

I was on hols at Sanur when i came across this dive centre close to the hotel. I am qualified PADI Advanced. I went and spoke to Lee, the owner who i found confident, friendly and professional. His knowledge of the area was good and services provided were excellent. They provided diving at all levels.
I booked a couple of dives a couple of days later and sorted out my kit with one of the instructors, Dominique. My wife came snorkelling.
I turned up on the morning of the dive. everything was ready to go and we departed from the centre to the dive site close to the Blue Lagoon. Transport was great and upon arrival we were met by the boat skipper who sorted all of our kit and stowed it away on the boat. The rigs were all put together as well.
We set out and I ended on a one to one with Dominique for the day. Dominique was great and has good knowledge of the dive area. She gave a comprehensive briefing and went through a kit safety check.
We dived. The areas were good with plenty of marine life and a small wreck to boot. Dominique led and we had a great dive, surfaced, had an interval, and then a further dive.
Refreshments were provided on board and i had a quick snorkel around in the interim time.
Back to shore we were able to have a quick wash down in outdoor showers, in a fantastic local bar, before a spot of lunch (Provided). A quick coke then a drive back to the dive centre.
Overall a great day and we were back in time to have a lazy lounge around the pool.
Lee and Dominique were great, reliable and safe. I have no issues in highly recommending the company.


United kingdom

Absolutely amazing

I just finished an PADI Open Water Diving Course with my friend. My Instructor Lee and Domi are absolutely amazing. They are patient, friendly and knowledgeable. I started with fear but they helped me getting used to it. If you wanna learn Diving in Bali, here is a wonderful place.



Excellent first time experience

I booked a trip to Bali while I was there I stumbled upon success dive School I’ve booked a 2 day dive to tick off The Bucket List and found it to be a wonderful experience with so much to see underwater and the instructors were very helpful ease my confident down to a 12 metre dive. Hopefully next year I will be coming back highly recommended thanks to Lee and Amy


United kingdom

Best day ever!

After our horrible earthquake experience on the Gili Trawangan Island, Lee absolutely made us forget what happened and we had such an amazing day of diving. The dive spots were fabulous; lionfish, a turtle, frogfish, nemo’s – you name it and it was there. The water was as blue as the sky and the sea conditions just perfect. The diving school was neat and clean, as well as all the materials which were in a great state. Nothing was old or over used. Lee himself is also an amazing person. He is friendly, kind, patient, trustworthy and above all he is in for a joke. We were amazed by all his wonderful stories about diving and travelling, so great to hear what he has experienced.
We want to thank SDC for providing us with one of the best days of our holiday, and we will definitely come back again!



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