Night Sunrise at Liberty

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to dive a wreck at night?

Looking for a truly magical and unique diving adventure like no other?
Then let Success take you on a 2 day diving Safari that will blow your mind!

As the sun begins to set over the horizon and the light begins to fade; let Success Divers submerge you into the mysterious and magical depths surrounding the world renowned Liberty ship wreck. Join us on a unique sunset, night, day, wall and wreck diving experience that you will treasure for a lifetime.
Success Divers will take you at the best times and locations where you can wonder at the humungous coral formations, spot perfectly camouflaged Scorpion fish and Octopus, swim by schools of thousands of cascading Damsel fish, watch turtles and giant Napoleon Wrasses glide by, observe countless Bumphead Parrot Fish cue up and take their turn at the breakfast feast and so much more that you will have trouble remembering all the wondrous things your eyes have seen.
This 2 day package is highly recommended for nature lovers.