Success Dive Centre HQ
Based along the coast, just to the North of Sanur; Success Dive Centre’s boutique Villa is the perfect home base to begin your diving adventure.
Our coastal location means we have easy and direct access to all of Bali’s best dive sites, avoiding the busy and overly-touristic areas of Bali.

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With over 30,000 dives, an Elite Instructor and decades of travel experience in more than 70 different countries our team is ready to…

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  • For our Diver Certification Courses PADI (et al) Success has teamed up with the Coral Triangle Initiative for Coral Reefs, Fisheries and Food Security (CTI-CFF); an official Marine and FisheryIndependent Training Centre appointed by the Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries.
  • Here we have access to a state of the art 4.5m deep pool, especially designed for Diver Training.
  • The new purpose-built conservation centre provides the perfect setting to learn to dive whilst learning about our ecosystem and how best to sustain and save it.



Bali has a vast and varied array of dive sites in order to reach and dive them we use the right boat for the right sights. Some sites require larger more powerful vessels to reach whilst others are better accessed with smaller and more manoeuvrable boats.

A few examples of the range of vessels we use:

Land Transfers

As long as you are staying in the South side of Bali, we provide free hotel transfers and will pick you up and drop you back at your door each day. We pride ourselves on providing an in-comparable service, second to none.
We operate a range of comfortable, air-conditioned vehicles when conducting our dive programs; the size of which is dependent on the number of guests diving that day.


  • In order to operate in all areas of Bali, we partner with some of the most prestigious and exclusive resorts, villas and hotels to provide you with a range of accommodation during your stay. We even work with some guest houses so that those on a bit budget aren’t left out.
  • All our accommodation providers have been especially selected and vetted to ensure our guests receive the highest standards of comfort, safety and convenience.

Unique Diving

Not only does Success Dive Centre provide truly unique diving programs with specific site themes tailored that match your unique diver preferences, but we operate in all of the areas around Bali and will soon be expanding East to the sandy shores of Komodo…

Dive Themes

  • Mantas & Molas

    want to have a close encounter with Manta Rays or the exclusive Mola Mola?

    Manta Molas is a program of a lifetime

    Success will take you to the trinity of islands which makes up Nusa Penida, administrative region within the Klungkung Regency.

    Stretching 17Km across; Nusa Penida with its’ towering cliffs and palm studded, sandy beaches is a sight to behold. North-West of the main island and separated by the Bandung Strait lies the small, rugged and untouched island of Nusa Lembongan and nestled in between the two is the small outcrop of an island known as Nusa Ceningan.
    A World famous Manta cleaning station, World class drift dives, Whale Sharks and a chance to see the elusive Mola Mola in a crystal clear bay...is just some of what awaits you on this program.

  • Macro Magic

    Do you love the weird and wonderful creatures of the sea?

    Look no further than Macro Magic!

    This program is specifically designed with the avid macro diver in mind. The keen diver will know that Indonesia has a more plentiful and varied array of macro sea species sites than anywhere else in the World!

    With a chance to see Pygmy Sea Horses, Blue Ringed Octopus’, Flamboyant cuttlefish, Coconut Octopus, Ribbon Eels, Painted Frogfish, Ornate Pipefish, Rhinopia eschmeyeri, Scorpion Fish, Stone Fish, Garden Eels and a plethora of hard to find and even harder to see Nudibranchs you will find, one dive in each site is never enough!

  • Total Newbie

    Always wanted to try diving but never really got around to it?

    Here is your chance

    Total Newbie is specifically designed for amateurs and beginner divers. The combination of a sheltered bay, sandy bottom, shallow depths and array of reef life makes this the perfect choice for novice and experienced divers alike.

  • Catch My Drift

    Dream of flying through the sea like Finding Nemo?

    You can't go wrong with SDC's "Catch My Drift"

    Drift dives can be one of the most relaxing and yet exciting ways to enjoy the underwater world. There’s nothing quite like the feeling of hovering as a carousel of colourful fish and corals past you by; it’s like a moving picture show, except it’s you, that’s doing the moving!

    Our expert team will take you to some of the best drift sites in Bali and ensure that you experience amazing drift diving the way it should be, in safety, comfort and style!

  • Crystal Bat Cave

    Looking for the ultimate Diving Thrill?

    Crystal Bal Cave is the ULTIMATE adventure!

    The incredible rock corridor makes for some of the best photos opportunities in Bali and its beauty will take your breath away. After entering the cave, underwater you can surface inside the cavern as bats circle above your head.

    A truly unique and breathtaking experience; SDC’s Crystal Bat Cave adventure is not to be missed by the diver looking for the ultimate adventure. Strong surge and changeable currents means that the Crystal Bat Cave program is only for experienced divers.

  • Wrecking Machine

    get a real buzz out of exploring underwater shipwrecks?

    Wrecking Machine is the program for you!

    Bali is blessed with Wrecking Mechnical marvels for us to explore under the tropical blue seas.

    join us for the hunt of a lifetime. A hunt for a 125 meter long WWII Shipwreck, 150 ton cargo ship a fully operational submarine... Yes, a SUBMARINE and so many more. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity and should not be missed.

  • Secret Of The North

    Want to explore the untouch paradise?

    Secret Of The North- a pristine underwater paradise that very few divers are lucky enough to see...

    Our journey will take us through the heart of bali traversing the lush rise paddies and scaling multiple mountains and hills untill we reach the calm blue sea of the Northern coast line . The Secret Of The North sites offer unspoilt reefs, Gaint gorgonian Sea Fans, See Turtles, Reef Sharks, Underwater Caverns, Epic wall dives and even corals, there is something for everyone here whether you a beginner or a season pro.

    Needless to say; The Secret Of The North is not to be missed

  • Point & Shark

    looking for the close encounter with the Ocean's ultimate predator?

    Just Point & Shark at SDC!

    Often novice divers will be afraid of Sharks due to the negative stereotypes but there are divers who buck the trend and go seeking Shark encounters. This is the dive for the latter and not for the feint hearted.

    Join Success Divers as we go in search for the reef sharks which can often be seen lurking in reef trenches around the shores of Bali. Shark Point in Padang Bai is a favourite spot to find these majestic creatures and our experienced Divemasters and Instructors will guide you to the best spots and ensure you have a safe and fun diving experience that you will treasure

  • Turtle Temple

    love Turtles?

    Turtle Temple is one "shell" of an experience!

    On a quiet and little known side of Crystal Bay, there is a rolling coral garden where turtles often congregate. This natural sanctuary is a favourite spot for our shelled friends of all sizes and they can often be seen chomping on corals, giving themselves a shell rub or darting up to the surface for a gasp of air.

    Most are extremely relaxed around divers which allow us to get up close to observe them. Nothing can quite describe a close and intimate experience of relaxing with Ocean’s most chilled creature in its natural habitat.

  • Night Sunrise at Liberty

    Want to dive a wreck at night?

    let Success take you on a 2 day diving Safari that will blow your mind!

    As the sun begins to set over the horizon and the light begins to fade; let Success Divers submerge you into the mysterious and magical depths surrounding the world renowned Liberty ship wreck.

    wonder the enormous coral formations, spot perfectly camouflaged Scorpion fish and Octopus, swim by schools of thousands of cascading Damsel fish, watch turtles and giant Napoleon Wrasses glide by, observe countless Bumphead Parrot Fish cue up and take their turn at the breakfast feast and so much more that you will have trouble remembering all the wondrous things your eyes have seen.

    This unique 2 day combination; sunset,day,night,wall and wreck diving adventure will provide you with memories to treasure for a lifetime.