Macro Magic

Do you love the weird and wonderful creatures of the sea?

Are you looking to tick the rare and elusive species off your list?
Then look no further! Macro Magic is the program for you!

This program is specifically designed with the avid macro diver in mind. The keen diver will know that Indonesia has a more plentiful and varied array of macro sea species sites than anywhere else in the World!
With an intimate knowledge of the area we will take you to the best spots for Macro or Muck Diving in Bali. Our Instructors and Divemasters will use their experience of the sites and Eagle Ray eyes to point out some of the smallest, strangest and best camouflaged creatures in the Sea.
With a chance to see Pygmy Sea Horses, Blue Ringed Octopus’, Flamboyant cuttlefish, Coconut Octopus, Ribbon Eels, Painted Frogfish, Ornate Pipefish, Rhinopia eschmeyeri, Scorpion Fish, Stone Fish, Garden Eels and a plethora of hard to find and even harder to see Nudibranchs you will find, one dive in each site is never enough!
With beautiful coral landscapes, artificial reef pyramids, deep vertical drop-off walls and shallow wrecks, there is something to satisfy all tastes on this program.